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Step 2: Explore Different Careers

The following web resources will help you research careers that may match your personal interests and lifestyle goals. After finding occupational profiles that interest you, print the results for later reference. Don’t worry if you have more than one career choice at this stage.

Occupational ProfilesOccupational Profiles

Research over 600 occupational profiles in Alberta based on career interests, high school subject interest, wage ranges or industry area.


View detailed profiles of people who work in various occupations. Learn their likes and dislikes and gain insider advice on what it takes to be successful in their career.

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

The (NOC) provides access to over 30,000 job titles and 520 occupational groups for occupations across Canada. 

explore different careersO*Net Online

Identify additional occupational information using this American based career exploration site.

What Can I Do With A Major In . . .

Research career options based on your University major.

Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Gain an insight into what duties, skills and education is required for over 50 designated trades.

Post-Secondary PlanningPost-Secondary Planning

Explore your post secondary options and learn how to apply for student loans and scholarships.

Labour Market Information

Learn what careers are "hot" and projections about Alberta's economy.

Canada Wide Employment Growth & Annual Salaries

The Job Futures is a comprehensive Canada wide website that offers information on occupations, annual salaries, employment growth and employment prospects for post secondary graduates.

Questions To Think AboutQuestions To Think About

When researching a career, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Is this industry/career growing, stable or in decline?
  • What skills does the career require?
  • What training is needed and where?
  • Where do jobs in this field exist?
  • What is an average day on the job like?
  • What are the most rewarding/challenging aspects of this work?
  • What are the average/starting wages?
  • Could I live anywhere I want using this career?

What's Next?

Step 3

Choose a Career that works for you by evaluating and narrowing down your options.



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