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Viscount Bennett Centre Campus


Viscount Bennett Centre Campus2519 Richmond Road SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 4M2
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Public Transportation

Daytime students are encouraged to take public transportation if possible. Call Calgary Transit at 403-262-1000 or visit Calgary Transit's website for more details.

Parking Information

Student parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are a daytime student, you are required to have a Student Parking Pass on your windshield. The pass allows you to use the student parking area in the upper level of the parking lot south of Viscount Bennett Centre. A parking pass is available to you free of charge and can be obtained at the Information Centre. Evening students are not required to obtain a parking pass. Please be aware of parking restrictions in the surrounding neighbourhoods. The area and parking lot are patrolled regularly by the City of Calgary and cars parked illegally will be ticketed and/or towed. No parking pass is required for Summer School.


The Cafeteria is located downstairs from the main entrance. Hot and cold food and beverages are served. Hours are posted at the Cafeteria entrance.

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